Come to me . . .

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Come to me not in shyness and uncertainty
But as a woman in bloom with desires she owns
There’s nothing to think about for two weeks
If intimacy and satisfaction is what you seek

Screw in the confidence bulb and just let go
That will shed light on what you deserve
I am here only to serve from your lips to your loins
I will touch, kiss and light afire your every nerve

Hands will find every hollow and curve
Until my hardness demands I plunge deep
Into the sweetest wettest spot you keep
A dark moist secret until you open to me


Climate Change, What a Drain

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I haven’t felt poetic
It’s really quite pathetic
Kihei’s warm and sunny weather
Makes it easy to forget y’all

The world’s got bigger problems
Than which beach I should lay on
But if my naps too long it’s clear
The water may rise above my ears

But it’s hard to make a difference
When there is such resistance
And I’m just talkin’ locally here
Maui isles where I live dear

I feel just like a sheep being sheared
Our County makes decisions so weird
Did I say sheared cos I meant fleeced

It’s like our elected officials
Are the do the wrong thing police
And they continue to make sure
A & B and MLP are the letters that rule
Over common sense and our environmental jewels

So we continue to improve our community
With an outlet mall and high school in Kihei
And five thousand houses more or less we’ll see
Cos developers make the county their bitch usually

Here’s something I’m ashamed to say
Since being angry ain’t the best way
But when your Hummers runnin
While your spouse is inside shoppin
I want to get a can of spray enamel
And put ASSHOLE on your quarter panel
And as long as I’m on the subject
What part of Slower Traffic Keep Right don’t y’all get

But as you may have noticed
My anger caused me to digress
From these problems so hard to digest

In fact we could use an intervention
From this climatological reinvention
By the conservatives from another dimension
Who haven’t yet felt the warming sensation
Or let into their pea brains with low retention
The science governing our new situation

So they’ll continue catering to big oil
Which harder to get at causes huge turmoil
Carbon and methane totally uncoiled
An atmosphere that’s baked and boiled

It just makes me so fracking mad
To see how easily Americans can be had
What’s wrong with big time renewables
The rest of the world finds them usable

Charmaine had two conferences to say
That Maui surely would lead the way
The world would beat a path to see our examples
Cos we have it all here – sun, wind and geothermal

But I’ve not been in a state of grace
Thinking that we’ve got egg on our face
Cos as the rest of the world walks it
We just continues to talk it

So this is as good a place as not to end
Peace and switch off a light, my friends

Maury King

It’s sticky Wipe it off
Why? It dries Very quickly
I can do this By myself
Like Prince’s Darling Nikki

Or all over you With gushing spurts
Or just A trickle splashin onya
Yes women squirt You thought it was a myth?
Saw it on the video and thought that it was piss

Damn I love it When you come
I’m Fine if with me Or without me
You’re not around for the times
I scream my Happy endings WHOO EEEEE

It’s so sweetly keen erotic
When we’ve Laid our bodies opposite
And done ourselves climactic
I’ve a fondness For that RedTube
Don’t know what sites That you use

I Hope you watch some hardcore
Or it’s just too gentle and neat
Hey I love the way the iPhone
Has hardcore on autocomplete

But as an aside I’m miffed
At Word and all those ‘Softies
Cos they do squiggly red
Under my favorite word – polyamory

You think this poem’s About jacking
literally Hard dick whacking
Well you could be all wrong
Cos I’ve yet to specify a clit or dong
But Don’t look back in anger
Cos the protag is a yanker

I guess it is about me
But could it be about Luckie
Which is how I describe myself
And the one I love to suckee fuckee

If you’ve ever had a mouth
Pressed right against your belly
Whilst your cock was stuft inside
You should hope it isn’t smelly

Cos you are being given
The most awesome honor
That any woman can
Heck I’ve tried just 2 fingers
And they really made me gag

I’m not sure how to end this
Where to take you, how to bend this
But I’m sure if left with sticky
It’ll dry up fairly quickly
And we’ll find new ways to play again

B t dub No foolin’
Herb and bloody marys
Leave my mind reeling
And make my fingers fly

Cos that’s just how I wrote this
How I roll and what I notice
Who says we ain’t creative
when we get high

3 Poems, 3 Days

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Ram Dass Speaks

Ram Dass speaks?
That’s nothing new.
The 10th Rinpoche
Is coming through.

Kartran channels
A master race is due
Unsubscribe me please
Don’t you have a clue?

When you have all you want
None of this is new
Platitudes galore
Leave me unfulfilled

I found my peace
After 60 wonderful years
Probably just maturity
And better use of my ears

My life is filled with friends and love
All passions overflowing
Just sit and bask in what’s real
There’s no place to be going

When your girlfriends love each other
And tell you to find more
And everyone enjoys the herb
There’s needs fulfilled galore

So take this simple message
And fit it in your life
If all your needs aren’t being met
What will make that right?

I’ve discovered something
That really works for me
Loving all that’ll love me back
And it’s called Polyamory

Here’s a little coda
To this simple little tale
That fact that Word puts a squiggly red line
Under polyamory makes me wail.

Sliding through the wind

Sliding through the wind
Silver, shimmery, shiny
As if the car had tasted wax.
But alas, none had touched her metal for years.

Too much fun to drive, too much fun to live
The metal would not die, way too thick to give
Dirt, grunge, nothing dimmed her appeal
If your only viewpoint was behind the wheel

But life isn’t always seen from our eyes
Step out, walk away. You’ll have a surprise
What gives you such joy as it slips through the air
Looks disheveled, unloved whilst just sitting there

Any chance this is metaphorically about me?
Could I be sleek on the move, disheveled idle?
What little it matters as life is too grand
My biggest problem is a sleeve out of hand

Stop all this thinking and don’t write this poem
Just grab that new bong, smoke, sing a song
You know we’re all perfect just as we are
All this dissection is really a bore

If it keeps me from Family Guy, it can’t all be good
So get out that bong again, enjoy your brain food
What you have left in the end, is what you’ve made up
So make up a good one and fill life’s loving cup

Actually the poems were written with a 15 minute time limit as a little ‘contest’ with a friend of mine that was visiting.  The third poem just didn’t make the cut for publication.

It’s the underpants that got me in a trance
Six inches showing above the pants
First, defying gravity is so bold
If your belt below your ass, she no hold
But mostly it’s sad commentary
On the way the youth have got to me
I’m thinking I’m thinking young
But my self image  is really stung
Cos they can twitter the pants off me
Google the earth dialectically
All whilst smoking herbal tea
But those underpants still puts a trance in me


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Whine not!
Why not?

Stopped for a latte lately sistahs?
Made by those ever friendly baristas
And filling the seats those tapitistas
Never looking up from their boards?

Taking the seats from the rapitistas
Wanting to be in the world,  live
Seats even taken by the minitistas
Pumping their 1s and 0s only handheld

Not to be confused with chocitistas
With their chirping  parental guzzletistas
Those tykes hot chocolate slurping
Heck, even an old skool deadtreetista

Scribblin’ on a pad.
But 2 cell phones
Right on the table
that lady had.

But over in a dark corner
Were the osculistas
Gazing deeply into eyes
And kissing up a storm