Erotica Pornucopia

Posted: October 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

It’s sticky Wipe it off
Why? It dries Very quickly
I can do this By myself
Like Prince’s Darling Nikki

Or all over you With gushing spurts
Or just A trickle splashin onya
Yes women squirt You thought it was a myth?
Saw it on the video and thought that it was piss

Damn I love it When you come
I’m Fine if with me Or without me
You’re not around for the times
I scream my Happy endings WHOO EEEEE

It’s so sweetly keen erotic
When we’ve Laid our bodies opposite
And done ourselves climactic
I’ve a fondness For that RedTube
Don’t know what sites That you use

I Hope you watch some hardcore
Or it’s just too gentle and neat
Hey I love the way the iPhone
Has hardcore on autocomplete

But as an aside I’m miffed
At Word and all those ‘Softies
Cos they do squiggly red
Under my favorite word – polyamory

You think this poem’s About jacking
literally Hard dick whacking
Well you could be all wrong
Cos I’ve yet to specify a clit or dong
But Don’t look back in anger
Cos the protag is a yanker

I guess it is about me
But could it be about Luckie
Which is how I describe myself
And the one I love to suckee fuckee

If you’ve ever had a mouth
Pressed right against your belly
Whilst your cock was stuft inside
You should hope it isn’t smelly

Cos you are being given
The most awesome honor
That any woman can
Heck I’ve tried just 2 fingers
And they really made me gag

I’m not sure how to end this
Where to take you, how to bend this
But I’m sure if left with sticky
It’ll dry up fairly quickly
And we’ll find new ways to play again

B t dub No foolin’
Herb and bloody marys
Leave my mind reeling
And make my fingers fly

Cos that’s just how I wrote this
How I roll and what I notice
Who says we ain’t creative
when we get high

  1. Sandy Hickerson says:

    Interesting imagery.

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