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Climate Change, What a Drain

Posted: April 26, 2012 in poetry
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I haven’t felt poetic
It’s really quite pathetic
Kihei’s warm and sunny weather
Makes it easy to forget y’all

The world’s got bigger problems
Than which beach I should lay on
But if my naps too long it’s clear
The water may rise above my ears

But it’s hard to make a difference
When there is such resistance
And I’m just talkin’ locally here
Maui isles where I live dear

I feel just like a sheep being sheared
Our County makes decisions so weird
Did I say sheared cos I meant fleeced

It’s like our elected officials
Are the do the wrong thing police
And they continue to make sure
A & B and MLP are the letters that rule
Over common sense and our environmental jewels

So we continue to improve our community
With an outlet mall and high school in Kihei
And five thousand houses more or less we’ll see
Cos developers make the county their bitch usually

Here’s something I’m ashamed to say
Since being angry ain’t the best way
But when your Hummers runnin
While your spouse is inside shoppin
I want to get a can of spray enamel
And put ASSHOLE on your quarter panel
And as long as I’m on the subject
What part of Slower Traffic Keep Right don’t y’all get

But as you may have noticed
My anger caused me to digress
From these problems so hard to digest

In fact we could use an intervention
From this climatological reinvention
By the conservatives from another dimension
Who haven’t yet felt the warming sensation
Or let into their pea brains with low retention
The science governing our new situation

So they’ll continue catering to big oil
Which harder to get at causes huge turmoil
Carbon and methane totally uncoiled
An atmosphere that’s baked and boiled

It just makes me so fracking mad
To see how easily Americans can be had
What’s wrong with big time renewables
The rest of the world finds them usable

Charmaine had two conferences to say
That Maui surely would lead the way
The world would beat a path to see our examples
Cos we have it all here – sun, wind and geothermal

But I’ve not been in a state of grace
Thinking that we’ve got egg on our face
Cos as the rest of the world walks it
We just continues to talk it

So this is as good a place as not to end
Peace and switch off a light, my friends

Maury King


Air Quality

Posted: November 16, 2010 in poetry, Uncategorized

Languid and listless in the still, overcast air.
A light breeze just changed everything. Ah.
If only life were that simple.

Sensual One

Posted: November 16, 2009 in poetry

Glass of wine.
Your fine body
Sure gets to mine.

Soft hard skin.
Shit eating grin.
I can feel it
Slipping in.

Herbal puff.
That’s the stuff.
Sliding gently,
Nothing rough.

But when we come,
Hot Knives reach home
Like dining fine
That’s second to none.